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          Characteristics of stamping parts
          Rong to Yuhuan stamping parts mainly metal or non-metallic sheet metal, with the pressure of the press, through the stamping die stamping process, stamping parts mainly have the following characteristics:
          The stamping parts is under the premise of material consumption is little, the manufacture of stamping out, whose parts are light weight, rigidity good and sheet metal after plastic deformation, the inside of the metal structure was improved, the punching strength can be improved.
          The stamping parts with high dimensional accuracy, the same module size is uniform and has good interchangeability. Further mechanical processing is not required to meet the general assembly and use requirements.
          The stamping pieces in the stamping process, Rong induced Yuhuan stamping said due to the surface of the material is not damaged, so it is a better surface quality, appearance is smooth and beautiful, the surface paint, electroplating, phosphating and other surface processing provides a convenient conditions.
          My company to quality first, the credibility of the first for the purpose, adhere to the "wisdom, diligence, honesty, dedication," the spirit of enterprise, constantly creating, forge ahead, sincerely for the vast number of users at home and abroad to provide the most perfect service.